The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 2004 by Elsa Sule, a native of Northern Kentucky. It is a philanthropic foundation that makes grants to private nonprofit organizations and public agencies that have qualified charitable purposes, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, primarily in the tri-state areas of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

The Foundation is governed by a Trustee, Grants Manager and a Board of Advisors that actively assess the Foundation’s institutional constraints, traditions, and values so that the Trust resources are targeted effectively. As originally instructed by Elsa Sule, the Trustee and Board of Advisors focus on distributions in areas such as education, the arts, music, children’s programs, community welfare and animal preservation. Grants are made directly to a 501(c) organization, which will be responsible for establishing and administering any scholarships or programs. (See Grant Guidelines for specific information)

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