Hello applicants! The Elsa Sule Foundation will not be having a first quarter cycle in 2020. We will still continue with the standard open applications for the second, third, and fourth quarter cycles. We are in the process of restructuring our first quarter cycle moving forward into a very targeted single larger grant. More information will become available later. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks!


The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 2004 by Elsa Sule, a native of Northern Kentucky. It is an independent philanthropic foundation that makes grants to nonprofit organizations and public agencies that have qualified charitable purposes, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, primarily in the tri-state areas of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Elsa Sule’s philanthropic aspirations were to provide opportunities in education, the community and the arts. The Foundation is managed by a Trustee, Grants Manager, Program Officers and a Board of Advisors that actively assess the culture and values of the foundation so that the Trust resources are targeted efficiently and effectively. To honor Elsa’s aspirations, the Trustee and Board of Advisors focus on distributions with a focus on children, adults and animals.

Grants are made directly to a 501(c) organization, which will be responsible for establishing and administering any scholarships or programs. (See Grant Guidelines page, III. Program and Priorities and Objectives for specific information)




The Elsa Sule Foundation was a partner in the production of the first annual NKY Funders’ Grants Mini Grant Competition.

If you could not attend, please see the video below of the event.



CONTACT US: For all inquiries and questions

Phone: 513-335-4798

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Address: 334 Beechwood Road, Suite 550, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017



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