General FAQs

This page on the web site is designed to help visitors easily find information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s. Use the menu buttons to the left to narrow your search. Should you be unable to find the answer to the question you are seeking, feel free to contact the Foundation at the following email

Is there a connection between Charles Dater and Foundation with the Cincinnati’s Dater High School and Dater Montessori?
ANSWER:   Both schools are named for Charles Dater’s grandfather, Gilbert A. Dater (1818-1904). Charles maintained a connection with Gilbert Dater Junior High School (forerunner to the two schools) during his lifetime and both school have received grants from the Foundation. Portraits of both Gilbert and Charles Dater hang at each school.

Does the Foundation publish an annual report?
ANSWER:   The Foundation announces grants in regular news releases, which are posted in the News/Photos section of this web site. The Grants section of the web site features a summary of grants made in recent years (see Grant History) and copies of reports that have been published (see Annual Reports). Email (see Contact Us), write or call the Foundation to request a copy. The Foundation’s IRS Form 990 is available at

What geographical area does the Foundation serve?
ANSWER:   The Foundation serves Greater Cincinnati, which is defined as the eight-county area made up of Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont in Ohio; Boone, Kenton and Campbell in Northern Kentucky; and Dearborn in Indiana. More

Who is on the Board of the Dater Foundation?
ANSWER:   The Foundation’s Board of Directors and officers oversee and play an active role in the organization, which has no full-time employees. Directors and Officers are: Stanley J. Frank, Jr., Bruce A. Krone, Amanda Prebble Lenhart, Roger L. Ruhl and John D. Silvati. Dorothy G. Krone is a Director Emeritus. More

Who is Charles Dater?
ANSWER:   Charles Dater (1910-1993) was a fourth generation Cincinnatian, a businessman and a philanthropist. More

Are there other family members?
ANSWER:   A son born to Charles Dater’s parents died before Charles’ birth. They had no other children. Charles Dater was married three times, but had no children. One reason for establishing the Foundation was Charles’ desire to preserve the Dater family name.

Does the Foundation accept the common Cincinnati Grant Application form?
ANSWER:   No, but the Foundation’s Grant Application does include some of the same questions.

What attachments must accompany a grant application?
ANSWER:   The Grant Application Form lists documents that applicants are asked to attach/upload.  These include organization and program/project budget information, and the names of board members and key staff.  Grant applications may upload “other” documents as well, such as examples of newsletters, news clippings, publicity, etc.  Maximum upload capacity is 25MB.

Can applicants share other information as part of the grant application?
ANSWER:   Another way to share other information is to provide a link in one of the app;lication’s text fields to an area or page on the organization’s website that contains the information to be shared.

What is a Pre-applicaton Summary Proposal?
ANSWER:   The Foundation will accept a one-page “pre-application summary proposal” and provide feedback to an organization, lest undo time be spent preparing a formal grant application request that is not likely to be funded.  This document should include general information about the organization, program/project description and budget, who has or will be impacted by the program, the anticipated amount of a grant request, and other sources of funding. Send to Beth Broomall (email: