Grant Guidelines


I. General Information

The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation is an independent private Foundation philanthropic organization originally established in 2004 by Elsa M. Heisel Sule, a native of Northern Kentucky and businesswoman in the television industry.

The Foundation’s governing body meets four times during the year to review the  performance and to act upon various applications for grants during January, April, July and October. The Foundation staff maintains offices in Greater Cincinnati, a central point in the tri-state area it serves, of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. The Foundation generally only makes grants to organizations that serve within 70 miles of downtown Cincinnati. 

II. Operations and Purpose

The Foundation does not operate programs, but makes grants to qualified nonprofit organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Service to carry out programs and projects of a charitable nature in the tri-state areas of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Grant Applications must be filed for each calendar year in which an organization desires a Grant of funds. Grants are usually awarded for one year unless specifically noted in writing as a multiyear grant or renewable. In some cases, a Grant may be renewed for an additional year if the project or program is making satisfactory progress. However, even if the Grant is renewable for more than one year, complete Evaluation Reports must be filed annually in a timely manner. (Reference “Grant Application Timeline” under Application Process)

III. Program Priorities and Objectives

The Trustee of the Foundation was originally instructed by Elsa Sule to make grants in the Greater Cincinnati and tri-state area with a focus on children, adults and animals in the following areas of interest:

AEducation Success and Scholarships
B. Health, Wellness and Scientific Research
C. Children’s Welfare and  Competitive Sports
D. Fine and Performing  Arts and Cultural Vibrancy
E. Civic Public Affairs
F. Animal Welfare and Preservation
G. Environmental and Community Stewardship

The Trustee, Staff and Board of Advisors review the changing needs and circumstances of children, adults, families and animals in the Greater Cincinnati and tri-state area. They actively assess the Foundation’s institutional constraints, traditions and values with attention to how the Foundation’s limited resources might be used most effectively.

The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation makes grants for programs serving the Greater Cincinnati and tri-state area. The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation does not make grants to individuals, endow scholarships, capital campaigns, conduit/bundled grants or general operating funds. Also, we do not generally accept grant applications from nonprofits which have an endowment fund in excess of the Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation corpus.

IV.See Application Process for procedure to apply